FunTyper Touch Typing

Daytime Fee:
£545 (incl) for 5 Days
Daytime Duration:
Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

Residential Fee:
£1295 (incl) for 6 Days
Residential Duration:
Sun, 5pm - Sat, 11am

All Ages
Parent Invitation:
'Dashing Digits' - Fri: 4:00pm



Learning to touch type is so much fun!

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Learning Objectives

  • Fluent Touch Typing
  • Good Sitting Posture

Skills & STEM Development

  • Computer Literacy

Computers are now a central part of any child's day, whether it’s for school or fun, they are spending a substantial amount of time using them. At FunTech, we believe it is essential that they learn sustainable computer habits to help them be efficient and stay healthy, avoiding repetitive strain injury and lower back pain. Learning the correct touch typing techniques and proper posture is a must for everyone living in the 21st century - ‘Hunt and Peck' typing simply doesn't cut it.

You maybe concerned this is too monotonous for a full week, however, we've designed a unique and exciting web-based game. The week is full of exciting games, tutor-led competitions, challenges and prizes! All students will progress at their own pace while learning the different keys of the keyboard and our FunTyper software uses complex algorithms to ensure that each student progresses at a pace which balances progression with accuracy – tailoring each game to every student. All students are given regular tech-free breaks with a variety of activities which help them relax and stay focused.

Our FunTyper software has taught hundreds of children the essential skill of touch typing, ensuring that they spend less time at the computer and more time in the activities of their choice. FunTyper has also been recommended by numerous local dyslexia associations and educational psychologists around the country.


Daytime camps are for 5 days, Monday to Friday (visit daily), and they combine an immersive learning environment and exciting leisure activities and are sure to ignite young imaginations.

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Toby , 9
31 August, 2017

Four letters... C.O.O.L!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you sooooooooooo much this week has been AMAZING! I have enjoyed touch typing a lot because the tutors turn it into really fun games and they are all very kind.

Sammy , 11
31 August, 2017

It is the only way to learn touch typing

I have been to 5 FunTech camps and this is my second FunTyper course and it has been amazing! If you want to learn touch typing then this is the best course to do! It will teach you to touch type in 5 days! I don't know how to describe this course but I have tried 2 different courses and FunTech is


Freya , 9
31 August, 2017

I would definitely do this camp again thank you to all of the tutors.

I have had so much fun this week because all of the tutors were kind and it was awesome learning to touch type.

Jake , 7
31 August, 2017

it was very good!

I had a great time and i can touch type now

Maisie , 7
31 August, 2017

It was very fun!!

it is a very good camp and it was very fun!!!!!!!

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