Touch Typing with FunTyper

  • Age guide 7 - 15
  • 5 Days £525
    Mon to Fri 9:00 – 17:00
  • Residential £1295
    Sun 17:00 – Fri 17:00

Give your child a skill for life – touch typing.

Say goodbye to dull, boring and monotonous hours of learning how to touch-type… and hello to FunTyper! Using a games platform called FunTyper, our touch-typing for kids’ tech camp will consist of playing and unlocking games… Alien Rescue, Key Zap, Ninja Attack, The Blob to name but a few. To destroy, save or avoid attack they must type. Whilst your child is fully immersed in playing games, our eagle-eyed tutors ensure that the correct fingers are being using thereby developing muscle memory and perfect posture is being maintained. Add to this tutor-led competitions, challenges and prizes - our challenge is to get these campers to take regular breaks!

Recommended by numerous local dyslexia associations and educational psychologists.

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About this camp

At FunTech, we believe it is essential that children learn sustainable computer habits to help them be efficient and stay healthy (avoiding repetitive strain injury (RSI) and lower back pain). Learning the correct touch-typing techniques and proper posture is a must for everyone living in the 21st century. 

During the touch-typing course your child will progress at their own pace as FunTyper automatically measures when your child has developed a sufficient level of accuracy and muscle memory before releasing new letters into their games making their experience and progression individual and personalised.

There is no magic in learning how to touch type it’s all about repetition of the correct methodologies until your fingers build muscle memory. However, once muscle memory has been established for each key position, this means fewer mistakes, increased efficiency, and no more hunting for keys, all resulting in less time at the keyboard. Additional benefits are that by using all their fingers correctly, no single digit is overstressed, thus reducing the risks of RSI and spelling improves as words become recorded finger patterns

Our tutors are superb motivators ensuring that all physical aspects such as correct typing technique and good posture are always adhered to. Our touch-typing lessons for kids are fun, interactive, and will keep your child entertained and busy all day. 

Your child’s FunTyper account will remain active for a further two months, so they are able to consolidate and continue from where they left off. 
We recommend twenty minutes three times per week. 
FunTyper is available at as an online license. 


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  • What to bring?
    Pack lunch (nut-free)
  • Screen breaks?
    15 minutes (morning & afternoon)
  • Lunch break?
    90 minutes
  • Parent viewing?
    Fri at 16.00

What your child will learn

  • Understand why it is important to touch type
  • Correct posture
  • Correct finger placement
  • Build touch typing muscle memory
  • High level of touch typing accuracy

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Can I use childcare vouchers to pay for camps?

Absolutely. We accept a number of childcare voucher schemes. Please see our childcare voucher page for more details.

How long are your summer camps?

All summer camps last for 5 days of teaching time, our residential courses start a day earlier than our daytime camps but teaching is always Mon-Fri.Day Camps: Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm (we do not offer single day camps)
Residential Camps: Sunday 5pm to Friday 5:30pm
Note:- some location's start/end times may be earlier or later, please check your welcome pack for specific details.

Please note: some locations’ start/end times may be vary: please check your welcome pack for specific details.

How long do children get for lunch? 

For Day and Residential Camps lunch break is 90 minutes and comes with the option for some activities. These vary from location to location, so please check the individual location page for more details.

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