FunTech OnBoard

Enjoy tech lessons all-year-round from home

FunTech OnBoard has been designed as a ‘follow on’ from our engaging holiday tech camps. The courses allow children to strengthen and develop their tech skills at home via series of fun, bite-sized challenges.

Each week we send children a challenge to complete, followed by a mid-week tip-sheet and then a live virtual classroom demonstration and Q&A with a Funtech tutor.

OnBoard courses start in September, and challenges run for 3 terms, 11 weeks per term.


How does it work


  • Your child will receive an OnBoard Login Account.
  • Challenge released every Sunday, starting on 25th September.
  • Tip Sheet released every Wednesday, starting 28th September.
  • Tutor-led Live Demonstration + Q&A on Saturdays. These sessions only run once a week on Saturdays.


Tech camp OnBoard courses



How much does it cost?

OnBoard costs £245 for a whole year.

If you book OnBoard at the same time as your tech camp it’s only £95, and if you book a week after your tech camp its only £125.


Why FunTech OnBoard?

Children who attend our camps are filled with a plethora of information to take away and use. However, some of what is learned can lapse over the year, FunTech OnBoard is way of ensuring that the skills learnt are established and enhanced. If your child progresses to the next level with us the following summer, this will enable them to gain the maximum out of the next level allowing for a smoother transition.

For more information call us on 01628 621215.