FunTech OnBoard

FunTech OnBoard is a series of tech-based challenges for students who want to extend their Summer Tech Camp experience and keep learning with us all year round. OnBoard challenges will ensure that the skills learnt are consolidated and extended so they have the skill for life and, if required, to progress to the next level.

OnBoard starts in September and challenges run for 3 terms, 11 weeks per term (does not include half term weeks), and include a live virtual classroom demonstration with a FunTech tutor.


How does it work?

  • Your child will receive an OnBoard Login Account.
  • Challenge released every Sunday, starting on 25th September.
  • Tip Sheet released every Wednesday, starting 28th September.
  • Tutor-led Live Demonstration + Q&A on Saturdays. These sessions only run once a week on Saturdays at times specified below.

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OnBoard live demonstration timetable

12:30pm to 2pm:
  • Minecraft Redstone
2pm to 3:30pm:
  • Coder Level 1
2:30pm to 4pm:
  • Mobile Apps
4pm to 5:30pm:
  • Coding Level 2


OnBoard 12-month membership: £245 including VAT (or £95 if booked with a camp)


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Why FunTech OnBoard?

Children who attend our camps are filled with a plethora of information to take away and use. However, some of what is learned can lapse over the year, FunTech OnBoard is way of ensuring that the skills learnt are established and enhanced. If your child progresses to the next level with us the following summer, this will enable them to gain the maximum out of the next level allowing for a smoother transition.

For more information call us on 01628 621215.