About FunTech

There’s one thing you should know about us. We are dedicated to the education of children outside of the school environment and we do this by providing a great environment, the very best teaching and the most exciting, engaging courses. This is why, time after time, not only do parents come back to us for more, but they are encouraged to do so by their children.


We believe that engagement is the key, because then we get the best from our students and they in turn get the best from our courses. Our teachers are supported by hi-tech aids and subjects which we all find very exciting and life enriching.

Funtech has been organising classes for children and teens since we were created in 1996. Since then, we have been trusted by thousands of parents to not only provide their children with a truly memorable teaching experience in the school holidays, but to do so in a safe and stimulating environment.

The founding partners of FunTech are Philip and Sheineez Barber, and we are supported by a highly experienced management team. We encourage parents to contact us if they need reassurance over any matter, of if they would like to simply discuss their children’s suitability for one of our classes.

We do not teach by rote. We’d like to make that very clear from the outset. If teaching is fun and exciting, then children engage and you don’t look back.

Please contact us now to hear how we can help your child make the most from their holidays.

Got a question? Email us or visit our FAQs.