2018 Holiday Tech Camps


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Our Camps

Our Holiday Tech Camps give children (7 - 16 years) the opportunity to learn and explore exciting new tech and coding skills. Learn engineering with Minecraft and Lego Robotics, create a 3D games and characters or discover the art of coding. Our camps will ignite their imagination, help them develop tech skills for life and make new friends along the way.

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Our Locations

Our camps are available as either daytime (visit each day for 5 days) and also residential – where children board with us for a week-long adventure. As well as developing new tech and coding skills, they are also a fantastic opportunity to meet similar creative and ambitious young people whilst taking part in fun physical activities and games.

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Make your camp last the whole year!

FunTech OnBoard allows your child to enjoy tech challenges all-year-round to strengthen and develop the skills learned on their Tech Camp. A series of ‘bite-sized’ challenges are delivered to students via our online portal, it also includes a real-time tutor-led demonstration and Q&A each week.