Minecraft Redstone

Daytime Fee:
£545 (incl) for 5 Days
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Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

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£1295 (incl) for 6 Days
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Sun, 5pm - Sat, 11am

10 - 13
Parent Invitation:
'Redstone Result' - Fri: 4:00pm



Take Minecraft to the Next Level!

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Learning Objectives

  • Electrical Circuits (via Redstone)
  • Circuit Diagrams
  • Logic Gates (AND, OR, NOT, and the various combinations)
  • Clock, Pulse and Memory Circuits

Skills & STEM Development

  • Critical & Logical Thinking
  • Creativity
  • Spatial Reasoning
  • Experimentation

Minecraft is a lot more than chopping down trees and fending of monsters. There is a element of Minecraft that lets players open doors with a lever, explode a block when someone trips over a wire and much more. It’s called Redstone, a simple analogy for electricity and electrical circuits. Redstone can be used to form wires that signals can be sent down, devices can then be used to alter the signal as it travels down a circuit.

The week starts off with an introduction to Redstone itself. Students will learn about Redstone Dust, how adjacent pieces can connect together to form a wire, and how something can generate a ‘current’ along that wire. These generators include buttons, levers, light sensors and more. They’ll run through exercises of generating current along a wire using different generators and making the current do different things, for example, closing doors and shooting eggs!

We then take what has been learnt and look at the realistic side of things by looking at circuit diagrams and how they can be used to create ‘circuits’ in a Minecraft world. Logic gates will also be introduced, showing ways of combining and reversing multiple currents to create a logical circuit, for example, opening a door only when two buttons are pushed. These logic gates are entirely analogous to their counterparts in modern electrical circuits, so everything taught is applicable to creating electrical circuits as well!

Finally, students will examine ways of using these logic gates to create different ‘types’ of circuits: ones for creating a constant pulse of current, ones for remembering the state of a current and more. Students will put these circuits to practical use by creating large projects, such as assault courses and half-adders!


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21 August, 2017

Fantastic Course Child in Heaven

If you have a child who loves Minecraft and all things computers and you put him in a camp with a tutor who is extremely knowledgable on the subject your child will be in heaven or at least that was the case for my child, who was in awe of his tutor Lewis. Brilliant camp.

Louis , 9
10 August, 2017

It is an incredible club

This is the best camp i've ever been to. I love it, my teacher is so nice.

Idan , 12.5
10 August, 2017

A Good Camp

It's been a good camp so far. It's intensive and i really like that. I will probably come back next year.

Alessia , 13
10 August, 2017


This camp is awesome! The tutors are so nice, the food is delicious and I learnt a lot from it. It also boosted my confidence a lot and it is very inspirational to many young ones. This is why i gave it 5 stars!!!

Sari , 9
3 August, 2017

awesome!!!!!!! camp

Amazing camp if you think you know redstone think again i did and i clearly did not. Ff you have the choice take it or your really wasting a very good chance to learn redstone

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