Is Robotics a Good Career Choice or Path for Kids?

Robotics plays a critical role in how workplaces function all over the world, taking care of time-consuming or dangerous tasks, or being used to analyse and collect important data.

With an ever-increasing demand for those who have experience working with robotics, there should be plenty of opportunities in the future.

With this trend comes the requirement for more experts in robotics. At FunTech, we believe robotics is a great career choice for older kids to aim for. In fact, we offer courses in robotics which will help them gain invaluable experience.

However, is there any risk for choosing robotics as a career, and will it remain a profitable job into the future?


What is robotics?

Robotics combines engineering, science, and technology. In most cases, these robots and machines are utilised primarily to assist workers and scientists in carrying out tasks that would prove difficult or even impossible without them.

For example, in the automotive industry, large mechanical armed robots work constantly in welding and screwing pieces of cars and other motor vehicles together. Without these robots, automotive businesses would struggle to meet the demand for these vehicles.

In space, NASA uses similar mechanical arms on the space station to carefully grab and release satellites, as well as perform other critical tasks.


Is robotics a good career choice?

Pursuing a career in robotics is a good decision for many because of how profitable work in the industry is.

In many cases, robotics-specific jobs are paid extremely well as they often involve highly important processes that are integral to companies or organisations, such as the maintenance or programming of sophisticated analytical computers or working machines.

Alongside this, careers in Robotics also offer people the chance to work with groundbreaking tech that could change the world forever.

According to research, it is projected that the number of jobs available for robotic engineers (one of the most popular careers in the field) will have grown by 9% by 2026.

This growth is likely to lead to a shortage of qualified engineers in the long run, resulting in companies offering even more lucrative wages in order to attract the experts they need to help them.

As the robotics industry becomes more and more influential as a whole, and as millions of unfilled jobs start to open up in the future, choosing a career in robotics could become a highly important decision for many students and adults alike.


Are there any risks to a career in robotics?

With the rise of self-automating robots and intelligent AI comes the fear that job opportunities will become few and far between for both normal workers and experts in robotics.

However, although AI may eventually take some jobs, it is likely to also lead to a plethora of new ones, especially in the field of robotics.

Searching online, it is easy to see that robots programmed and run by AI are still as fallible as human workers. They sometimes make mistakes, often critical, and machinery is likely to always require some level of human programming and regular maintenance to function properly.

Thankfully, we are still a long way away from a world in which experts in robotics will be replaced by artificial intelligence or the robots they designed themselves.

Likewise, as mentioned before, careers in robotics is becoming ever more popular as time passes, and this is partly due to our society’s dependence on technology.

With tech showing no sign of losing popularity any time soon, there is evidence that jobs in robotics will remain highly profitable for the foreseeable future.




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