What is Lego Robotics Programming?

We’re currently running Lego Robotics courses at our Summer camps. If you’re not familiar with what Lego Robotics programming is, and how your child could benefit, here’s an overview with all you need to know.

Lego Robotics programming

Lego is an incredibly lucrative line of plastic toys popular with both children and adults alike. Since its inception in 1931, the company has built a reputation for its innovative toy design, beating out many of its competitors solely through its incredible and varied line of building block kits targeted at children and serious collectors.

Boxes of Lego have quickly become a staple in many classrooms across the world, with teachers regularly assigning their pupils projects centered around creating objects and buildings with these colorful plastic bricks.

Unlike other toys on the market, Lego is seen as a constructive activity for youngsters, helping them to think in new and inventive ways.

In a similar fashion, you would be hard-pressed to find a household without a toy box full of Lego, or at the very least, several of its plastic bricks and characters scattered throughout the home.

Most adults have quickly realized how effective Lego is for their children’s imaginations and other related skills and will often eagerly construct models alongside them.

Despite this, many parents will also be unaware that there is a relatively new and exciting addition to the Lego universe that could benefit their child in various other ways.

Here’s what Lego Robotics Programming consists of, how it works, why it is so exciting, and how you could introduce your children to it with one of the Funtech Summer camps – either virtually or at a location in the UK.


What is Lego Robotics and how does it work?

Simply put, Lego robotics is a platform centered around building robots and other vehicles, and programming them to move and perform other functions.

On the market, Lego Robotics takes the form of a variety of different kits similar to normal Lego called Lego Mindstorms. Within these kits, there are a number of blocks and other building pieces (all of which can be combined with normal Lego sets), as well as motors, sensors, and a set of instructions on how to build and program a selection of different cool-looking robots.

Although this might sound rather complicated on the surface, with a little bit of assistance, most kids will be able to easily build their first Mindstorms creation within a few days or less.

From here, they can download the companion app, aptly named Robot Inventor, to begin programming their creation to move.  The newest mainline iteration of Mindstorms, the Lego 51515 Robot Inventor Robots kit, features 5 different robots and is currently much cheaper than its discontinued predecessor.


How kids can benefit from Lego Robotics

In an ever-developing world, knowledge of programming is becoming an increasingly sought-after skill. Not only is it a requirement to work in the tech industry it is also an extremely lucrative career choice with many large companies relying heavily on programmers to code their websites, apps, and products.

For this reason, children will benefit greatly from being introduced to programming whilst they are still young.

Much like learning a language, a large majority of youngsters will pick up the basics of programming quicker than their older siblings or parents.

Therefore, by utilizing Mindstorms and its awesome collection of robots, parents can introduce their children to programming in a fun and familiar way, and potentially foster an interest in the subject that could last a lifetime.

As well as teaching children the basics of programming, Lego Robotics can also help them hone their problem-solving skills. Much like traditional Lego builds, children will have to build their robots from the ground up and, at times, they may find themselves stuck or unsure of what to do next.

From here, they will have to figure out what action to take next, either by looking at the manual, browsing the app, or searching for help online – and perhaps even one of the FunTech courses.

Lastly, Lego robotics pushes kid’s creative juices to the limit. Much like traditional Lego, Mindstorms pieces can be combined with other Lego blocks to create whatever a child’s imagination brings to life.

Furthermore, online, there are a plethora of kid-friendly communities wherein youngsters can search for and view other user’s creations.

Additionally, through the companion app, children can also learn how to program their creations to follow unique commands.




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