How Typing Skills Can Lead to a Career

We previously wrote about how touch typing is an essential skill that all kids should learn. So many future careers will depend on typing ability to succeed, but there are also some jobs that rely on just typing skills alone.

If you want to get your kid ahead, here’s our touch-typing course for children… and below are some ways in which typing could earn them money in the future outside of other tech-based roles.


What is a typing job?

Typists are commonly hired to type documents and other written materials for companies and clients (either through freelancing or applying for physical jobs). They will also be asked to transcribe audio or handwritten material into digital form, as well as compile reports and check pre-existing materials for grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors.

When working with large companies, typists are expected to keep sensitive data and information safe as they will have to handle it regularly.


What other typing-specific jobs are out there?

There are a variety of different roles in typing, many of which deviate substantially from the more standard typing job. For example, captioners are employed to listen to video and audio, writing out captions that can help those who are hard of hearing or people who are unable to watch content playing out loud.

Virtual assistants, on the other hand, perform administrative help for clients and often juggle different typing roles, such as writing newsletters, web content, social media posts, and schedules.

Copywriting can be a great option if you find yourself interested in pursuing a career that requires a little more flexibility and creativity than other typing jobs.

Generally, copywriters are hired to create written content for companies. Often this takes the form of typing out well-written social media posts, advertisements, and article pieces that help these businesses engage with and reach the correct audiences for their brand.




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