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Does Roblox Use JavaScript? (Clearing Up the Confusion)

One of our students starting our Roblox Game Developer course recently asked us whether Roblox uses Javascript. The answer is no, and this blog post aims to clear up any confusion about it, and instead explains what coding languages Roblox does use.

Roblox does not use Javascript

One question that often arises among Roblox users is whether the platform uses JavaScript. Whilst JavaScript is a popular programming language widely used in web development due to its versatility, it’s not something you will find in Roblox. 

Instead, the Roblox platform uses Lua, a lightweight programming language that is similar to JavaScript in many ways, which could be where the confusion comes from. Lua is specifically designed for embedded systems and is used in a wide range of applications, including video games.

While Roblox does not use JavaScript, it does offer some support for JavaScript through its Roblox Web APIs. These APIs allow developers to use JavaScript to interact with Roblox games and create web-based applications that can access data from Roblox games.

It is important to note that while JavaScript can be used with Roblox, it is not the primary language used for game development. Lua remains the primary language used for creating games on the platform.

Is Roblox scripting in Lua hard?

Just like any programming language, Lua can be hard to learn if kids are left to their own devices. However, with the FunTech tutors helping your child with a virtual lesson or at one of our summer camps, we will lead them through the digital skills and programming concepts to create their own game.

Whether your child is a Roblox regular or beginner, they will learn how to create an obstacle course and kart racing game during a fun week of experimentation, creativity, and real-world physics. At the end of the Roblox camp week, your child will learn how to publish their projects, so they can share it with friends.

The FunTech Roblox courses

In conclusion, Roblox does not use JavaScript as its primary programming language. Instead, it uses Lua, a lightweight and efficient scripting language that can be easy to learn and use if children are given the right support and framework to do so. 

It’s educational, fun, and could even help lead your child into a future career in computing. 

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