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What Should a 10 Year Old Do After School?

When your 10 year old gets home from school, it’s not unusual for them to be tired, possibly even grumpy, and they just want to chill out and do their own thing. And this is fine. They are at a formative time of their life, and school during this period can be challenging and exhausting at this age. 

But you might also find that your 10 year old is bored after school and wants ideas on how to be active. Many after school activities can be a good opportunity for kids to learn new skills, develop their interests and become more independent. For 10 year olds, there are so many different things they can do to both help them grow and learn outside the classroom. Whether they prefer sports, arts or academics, there is an after school activity that can cater to their individual needs.

It is important though that you strike a good balance between them needing to just do what makes them happy with some unstructured downtime, and more structured activities. Many children are absolutely fine at exploring their own interests without guidance, but others will need some inspiration. 

Here are some ideas that you can bring up with your 10 year old who needs something to do after school. 

Ideas for after-school activities for children aged 10

Popular after school options include tech classes, team sports, music lessons, art classes, dance classes, and drama clubs. It’s important to choose activities that your child enjoys and that will help them develop new skills and interests.

At FunTech we offer a range of after school and term-time tech courses for 10 year olds. They can start with our Tech Academy which includes online classes for coding, making computer games, digital music, graphics, and the common Microsoft software packages.

They can then progress onto our Coding Academy courses where they take some of the skills they learned at the online Tech Academy, and really start to develop their programming skills. 

The above ideas all come with a cost attached, and you can see how much our after-school activities cost if a child begins the Tech Starter package.

There are also plenty of things 10 year olds can do after school independently which don’t cost money. Those include reading, drawing, building with Lego, playing puzzles, practicing a musical instrument, helping you with cooking, or playing with pets. Providing it’s not wet outdoors, get them out on their bike, walking, or kicking a ball around. 

It’s important to find activities that your child enjoys and that will keep them engaged and motivated. This can be helped by creating an effective after-school routine for your child.

This involves setting clear expectations and boundaries. You may want to schedule homework time, playtime, and other activities in a way that works best for your family. It’s also important to communicate with your child and make sure they understand the routine.

You could also consider looking at after school activities that improve the academic skills of your 10 year old, but in a fun manner. After all, they have been at school all day. This is where tech can come in again, and the FunTech courses which let children learn, but in a safe and fun environment that doesn’t make them feel like they are simply back at school again. 

In conclusion, we believe that you should not push your 10 year old if they are resistant to after school activities which make them feel like they are being forced to learn. It’s important to make them associate learning with positive emotions, as you support their efforts. We believe the FunTech courses offer that, and the huge number of customer reviews we have from parents bear testament to that.

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