The Top 7 Online Computer Classes for Kids from FunTech

FunTech is a leading online education provider, specialising in tech courses for kids aged 7 to 16. We offer both term-time and holiday courses, all of which can be taken from the comfort of your own home and computer. Below are just 7 of our most popular online computer classes for kids that are running this year. To see the full range of online computer classes, click here for holidays, and here for term-time.

1. Roblox Game Designer (holiday course) for kids 7 to 10

In this online computer class, your child will unleash their creativity when developing games using the popular Roblox platform. Kids learn how to build an Obby adventure game, as we teach them to design in Roblox, sculpt terrains, create GUI elements and much more.

2. Minecraft Game Coder (holiday course) for kids 9 to 12

Coding within Minecraft is one of our most popular online computer classes that kids can take, and it’s not hard to understand why. Kids love Minecraft, and by leveraging your child’s enthusiasm, these online lessons course will teach them how to code. They will develop logical and critical thinking skills as they learn fundamental coding constructs such as variables, conditional statements, loops, functions and so much more. 

3. Java Coder (holiday course) for kids 11 to 16

One of the more popular online computer courses for older kids is Java Coder. These fast-paced Java lessons will teach your child to code, edit, and problem-solve in a structured and methodical manner from the ground up. Once you child has mastered the core coding constructs, we present them with oodles of fun online exercises and projects for variety of different scenarios. 

4. 3D Game Design (holiday course) for kids 10 to 14

Kids will learn essential 3D game programming concepts with the end result being them developing a seriously impressive multi-platform video game. These online lessons are packed full of structured learning, practical exercises and computer projects guaranteed to capture the imagination and unleash creativity.

5. TechStarter (term-time course)

TechStarter is the first step in our term-time computer courses. Your child will learn about hardware, software, management tools and best practices all of which are essential for working in an effective and efficient manner. This is if the initial online computer course for kids with FunTech which could lead to them achieving a qualification.

6. CreativeTech (term-time course)

Channel your child’s imagination and enable them to create extraordinary creative projects. The CreativeTech animation classes for kids covers advanced graphics, industry-standard animation and website development.

7. TechPro (term-time course)

This year long course is focussed on the Microsoft Office suite of products; Word, Excel, and also learning about databases. Your child will learn the full scope of Office software tools. They will unlock the vast array of tools to enable them produce high-quality documents in a fraction of the time.

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