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How FunTech’s Virtual Learning Works… and Gets Better Over Time with Data & Feedback

We’ve previously explained how FunTech’s Virtual Lab provides a better virtual learning experience for children when compared to software such as Zoom and Teams. Our internal tests consistently show that when kids try to learn in an environment like Zoom, performance can suffer.

Today we wanted to go one step further, and explain how the mechanics of our virtual learning platform work, and why testing and feedback is key to improving the way in which kids can learn about tech.

How FunTech’s Virtual Lab works

FunTech has been providing tech lessons to kids for more than 25 years, the last ten years of which have included delivering online lessons as well as live classrooms. Having this much skin in the game means we’ve learned exactly what makes the best online learning environment for children.

As we’ve developed Virtual Lab year on year, we’ve built-in feedback mechanisms so we know not just what needs to be improved with the teaching, but also how the child is performing. 

We do this by being able to see every child’s screen on a continual basis. This is crucial to delivering a successful lesson. It allows our tutors to respond immediately if a student needs support, give them a nudge if their attention wanders or set them new tasks if they’ve finished ahead of others.

Compare this to Zoom or Teams which is provides a one-way broadcast in the lesson. Whilst this is a good way to present concepts, it doesn’t allow a tutor to view every child’s screen concurrently.

But we don’t stop there.

Virtual Lab also has feedback functionality that helps shy kids who might otherwise struggle in a physical classroom environment. They can send private messages to the tutor, who can then view their screen, and offer private feedback, rather than to the whole class. 

We want kids to tell us if they don’t understand, because that’s how they will learn, and how we can constantly evolve and improve the virtual learning experience. 

This desire to learn from the kids too is also why we added a feature that asks each student to leave feedback after a virtual lesson, and the tutor also gives feedback for each student. 

If a student feedbacks to us that they didn’t understand something, we will organise a prep session outside of normal virtual classroom hours, with an online tutor picking that feedback up and helping the student catch up and understand. 

This all helps us to further refine and improve Virtual Lab, how we teach kids, and the course syllabuses. 

Here are some more key elements of how the FunTech Virtual Lab works to teach children effectively.

1. Real live lessons in real time

Unlike other online courses for kids, our lessons aren’t pre-recorded and re-played to kids repeatedly. Instead, our virtual courses are held in real time, with live sessions, real classmates, and a real tutor teaching.

Your child can simply sign in and click to join the classroom.

Taking part in live online lessons is a huge benefit and means your child learns more than they would by watching out of date virtual classes with no interactivity.

Your child’s tutor is always available to present ideas and analyse student progress. Just like a real classroom, if tangents need to be taken or one student needs a little more guidance or something different, we can make it happen.

2. Expert tutors

The FunTech virtual tutors are true technology specialists who have been rigorously trained to inspire your child. They are the exact same teachers who run our popular summer camps. This means your child benefits from the exact same level of care, attention, and expert guidance that they would if attending a physical classroom location.

As you would demand as a parent, all our tech tutors are exceptional teachers who have a passion for teaching kids technology. They have been hand-picked from leading educational institutions including Cambridge University and King’s College London.

And importantly, they have all been enhanced DBS checked, and go through a meticulous selection process to ensure a superior level of respect, care and education are adhered to.

During the class your child’s tutor will guide them through the course content at the correct pace. This will be achieved with a mix of practical demonstrations, tasks, and larger projects for the kids to complete.

Did You Know? FunTech’s background is in delivering classroom-based courses across the UK. Because of this we are Ofsted-registered, unlike many virtual course providers.

3. Instant audio & text communication

The FunTech Virtual Lab system includes an advanced yet simple to use audio and text communication system. Kids can ask questions, hear answers, and learn more.

It means that during any online lesson, a tutor can chat with the class as a whole or can communicate with the kids on a one to one basis when required.

It’s two-way communication system too; this means kids can chat with the class when allowed, provide feedback of their own, or privately the tutor for some help.

4. Class sizes are deliberately small

Unlike other platforms that might stream online courses to 100s of kids at any one time, we deliberately limit our classes to be no more than 8 students at one time. This is one of the biggest differences between our online courses and the class sizes on other platforms.

This lets us treat our online courses just like we would a real physical classroom. Our tutors can give each child the attention they need and provide a much higher quality learning experience with more focused and inclusive lessons. 

They can coach those who aren’t too tech-minded and bring out the best in those who already shine.

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