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How FunTech’s Specialist Virtual Teaching Software is Better than Zoom or Teams

Whilst video conferencing software like Zoom or Microsoft Teams can be a useful tool for virtual learning and teaching, there are downsides to using them. In fact, our internal tests show that when kids try to learn in an environment like Zoom, performance can suffer. 

This is why we don’t teach kids using Zoom or Teams. But that doesn’t mean we don’t teach kids virtually – we still do. But instead, we use something much more powerful and effective which means kids learn, better, smarter, quicker, and have more fun with our tech lessons.

It’s the FunTech Virtual Lab. 

But before we explain why our virtual teaching software works so well, it’s important to understand the limitations of Zoom and Teams. There are some very good reasons why they simply don’t cut it as a platform for virtual learning, especially when kids are being taught.

Why Zoom and Teams aren’t good for teaching kids online

When you consider the objectives for a virtual business meeting versus teaching children online, they are incredibly different. This is why Zoom and Teams software works like it does.

For example, if kids are learning on a Zoom call, the tutor has no idea what the kids are doing. It’s very easy for a kid to not watch the content or listen to the speaker, but instead watch YouTube with their mic muted. They can even switch their camera off and be completely pre-occupied with something other than the content of the virtual learning. 

When we conducted tests, we found that kids trying to learn from an online tutor in an environment like this, almost always performed to a lower standard than expected. 

And who can blame them? There’s a lot of distractions online (and at home)!

We still do virtual learning, but with a HUGE difference due to the way in which FunTech Virtual Lab works compares to Zoom and Teams.

Our team has developed this approach in-house, using a combination of software and tools, to create a solution based on what we’ve learned over a decade of teaching children online.

Here’s how it works and why it beats traditional virtual learning software hands-down every time.

As you can see, the FunTech tutor is able to concurrently view every child’s screen during the entire lesson. And before you ask, we have class sizes no bigger than six at any one time, with an average size of four. 

This means tutors can respond immediately if your child needs support, give them a nudge if their attention wanders, or set them a new task if they’ve finished ahead of others.

It also means that kids in a FunTech class are more focussed, because they know that the tutor can see what’s on their screen. No more skipping to YouTube! 

This works in an entirely different way to how Zoom or Teams do, where only one person can share content from their device with the group at one time.

We’ve invested a lot of time and money into Virtual Lab, as we have seen the difference it can make to learning. Our tests show an incredible uplift in performance, engagement, and fun… 

We also have an in-built piece of functionality that helps shy kids who might otherwise struggle in a physical classroom environment. They can send private messages to the tutor, who can then view their screen, and offer private feedback, rather than to the whole class. 

The bottom line is we want kids to tell us if they don’t understand, because that’s how they will learn, and how we can constantly evolve and improve as well.

This desire to learn from the kids too is also why we added a feature that asks each student to leave feedback after a virtual lesson, and the tutor also gives feedback for each student. 

If a student feedbacks to us that they didn’t understand something, we will organise a prep session outside of normal virtual classroom hours, with an online tutor picking that feedback up and helping the student catch up and understand. 

So yes, whilst Zoom and Teams are more cost-effective, in our opinion, neither have the tools required for virtual teaching.

About FunTech and our courses

We were founded in 1996 and initially offered physical classroom-based learning. In 2010 we started to offer both physical and online lessons with the launch of our virtual lessons.

This has given us something unprecedented compared to other online tech programs for kids… thirteen years of data and experience which has let us refine our offering to what is now known as FunTech’s Virtual Lab. We have learned how to surpass the quality of face to face learning with our virtual offering. 

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