Coding for 7 Year Olds: Classes & Computing Coding Lessons

Kids are being exposed to technology from younger ages nowadays, with many of them becoming adept with smartphones and tablets as toddlers. As they get older, some of them will naturally gravitate towards wanting to understand more about how all this tech works.


By the time they reach the age of 7, it’s not unusual for kids’ inquisitiveness to step up a notch. This is possibly due to their enhanced reading skills, plus a growing awareness of the world around them.


This certainly isn’t a bad thing, as having a desire to understand and learn outside of a school environment is going to put most 7 year olds at a distinct advantage.


And with the future job market changing due to technological advances and a rise in robotics, there has never been a better time to take advantage of this… a 7 year old who understands technology could set themselves up for a very good future.



Computer coding for 7 year olds can start now


As part of this curiosity, your child might even have expressed a desire to learn how to code and program their own videos games and apps… 7 years old is the ideal time to get them started.


At FunTech we understand this better than most as we’ve been teaching coding to 7 years olds since the mid 1990s. At this age, they are able to grasp the beginner concepts of programming and apply this learning in our coding classes and camps.



Coding classes for 7 year olds


Coding for 7 year olds is best taught by using high-interest forms of content for creative programming projects. We have found that the best way for a child this age to learn to code is by using the game design and development.


By using the guise of a video game, it’s possible to teach computer coding for 7 year olds in a fun and engaging manner that leads to far better results.


Below you can see a list of our current coding classes for 7 year olds. Your child can either learn online in a virtual classroom environment or attend one of our popular summer camps in the UK.



1. Minecraft with Mods

Both our Minecraft summer camps and online coding classes are packed with learning, experiments, problem solving and creativity. Your 7 year old will be shown the secrets of Minecraft such as brewing potions and conquering the Nether. They will also learn how to code with Minecraft and Mod a variety of different items that will take their programming skills way beyond the basics.

2. Scratch Coding

Whilst the theory and logic of coding has remained the same for decades, methods have evolved significantly. This camp or virtual class is ideal for 7 year old kids to get to grips with learning how to code. Scratch is a fantastic visual-based coding editor which enables children to create fun animations, interactive stories, games, sounds and much more! It’s the perfect introduction to coding and computational thinking that makes coding for kids seriously fun!

3. Lego Robotics Junior

This Lego Robotics ‘workshop’ camp allows your child to build, customise, code and test their very own robot (one per child). The Lego coding classes for 7 year olds start with learning about the different sensors, actuators and then how to code their robot using data gathered from sensors. Throughout the week using Lego Mindstorms software your child will learn to code their bots to perform variety of fun and challenging tasks. At the end of the week, your child will compete in the ‘Grand Finale’ – testing the speed, strength and intelligence of their robot. An amazing spectacle not to be missed!

As you can see, the FunTech classes that offer computer coding for 7 year olds all have fun at the core using the medium of video games and toys.


This is so important as it lets our team of expert tutors take your 7 year old’s passion for video games and turn that a tangible skill that could benefit them; not just at school, but also as they get a lot older.



Why 7 year olds should learn to code


We’ve previously blogged at length about why the age of 7 is the ideal time to get kids interesting in computer programming. Here’s a quick synopsis of why now is the perfect time to get them started.


1: Coding helps kids understand the connected world better


Most people don’t know much about how our smartphones, tablets, or computers operate. We take many of these things for granted on a day-to-day basis.

Having a basic understanding of programming can change the way kids look at everyday technology. It may also open their eyes to the limitless possibilities coding knowledge offers.

We believe that this can help with:

  • Writing skills and creativity.
  • Maths and logical problem solving.
  • Confidence.


2: Coding can give your kid a competitive advantage


Mastering a skill many of their peers may not have could mean your 7 year old is a more desirable candidate for colleges, universities, work experiences, and jobs.


Coding has become a highly sought-after skill in recent years, and one statistic shows computer science graduates have the potential to earn up to 40 percent more than average.



3: There’s a high demand for computer programmers


Another stat from shows that 58 percent of jobs in the STEM field are in computing. The problem is only 10 percent of graduates from STEM programs are in computer science.


That’s a 48-percentage shortage in the field. Coding will give your 7 year old a better chance to possibly embark on a lucrative career.

4: It’s satisfying and fun!


Computer programming is a logic-based activity, but it can also be a creative outlet at the same time.


Many programmers live for the challenge of creating something and the reward of seeing the results.


Don’t be scared off by the terminology involved or the thought that coding is too complicated. Given the right instructions, learning to code can be fun and easy.



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