Lego Robotics Junior

Daytime Fee:
£545 (incl) for 5 Days
Daytime Duration:
Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm

Residential Fee:
£1295 (incl) for 6 Days
Residential Duration:
Sun, 5pm - Fri, 5pm

7 - 9
Parent Invitation:
'MAX Out Races' - Fri: 4:00pm


The perfect intro to tech and coding!

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Learning Objectives

  • Visual Programming
  • Core Programming Concepts
  • Robot Construction
  • Motors and Sensors

Skills & STEM Development

  • Computer Literacy
  • Creative Problem-Solving
  • Critical & Logical Thinking
  • Spatial Reasoning

Robotics Level 1 has been designed for children aged 7 to 10 years, to help them learn the basics of programming. The course is ideally suited for children who love to be creative and find their own solutions to problems. It takes advantage of LEGO robots to assist the learning process by letting the students have fun while learning core concepts of programming. Through demonstrations and exciting exercises they will experience the world of programming with exciting and tangible results.

Every student will be able to build their own LEGO robot and use it throughout the week to solve problems and challenges. They will be given the opportunity of using their own creativity to improve upon the robot’s design to better tackle these challenges, all the while learning more and more advanced concepts. Programs are made using LEGO's Mindstorms software, which enables users to visually compose programs without needing to worry about syntax and spellchecking.

The course itself starts off by going through the different sensors available to the robots, and how to use these in conjunction with the motors to produce amazing robots and programs. We cover concepts such as branching, or conditional execution, where their program will only perform certain tasks if one or more logical conditions are met, for example, when an obstacle being detected or a collision happens. Looping is another core concept, where students learn how to make their programs repeat tasks over and over, based on some specified logic.

The week is packed with fun and exciting challenges which test the limits of their robot - getting through mazes, navigating obstacles, battling other robots and much, much more! Think creatively and critically to solve the challenges will give maximum satisfaction.


Daytime camps are for 5 days, Monday to Friday (visit daily), and they combine an immersive learning environment and exciting leisure activities and are sure to ignite young imaginations.

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Yash , 7
1 September, 2017


It was really fun programming the the robots to do things and I would come back for the camp again. It was just so good.

Rhianne!! , 8
1 September, 2017


It was so fun. I really enjoyed it, I learnt so much! I used to not know how to program a robot but now I do.I would recommend coming to FunTech.

Jasmine , 8
1 September, 2017


I really enjoyed this week. I was a bit worried at first but after a bit I really enjoyed it I have never programmed a robot in my life . I hope more children have as much fun as I did . I will most likely come back . Everyone here is nice and very kind they take a lot of care of you. I think it


Kamran , 9
1 September, 2017

The best camp I've been to!!!

I loved every single bit. Nothing could be better,not even football, cricket or baseball!!! One of the best week's in my life.

Noaz , 8
1 September, 2017

I liked building and coding my robot.

I liked learning!

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