Can My Child Take a GCSE Early?

Tech and coding are becoming more and more popular as a learning choice given the potential career opportunities it can offer children. However, not all schools are set-up to teach these skills as best they could, meaning more parents are looking towards term time tuition for computer science subjects.


FunTech offer virtual classroom learning in many coding disciplines, all of which could eventually lead to your child taking a computer science GSCE earlier than they might do in school.


So, yes, your child can take a GCSE early. Our iGCSE course will give your child an extra GCSE which is not available in many schools. Studying for the computer science iGCSE with us will ensure that your child knows exactly what is required of them at GCSE level.



Taking a computer science GSCE with FunTech 


Kids who take this GCSE early with FunTech will often have progressed through our term time Tech Academy courses, then through our more advanced Coding Academy. For full details on the pathway and learning structure, take a look at all the virtual courses on our website.


Children who study virtually with us learn effective skills that will enable them to excel: our tutors will help your child with timetabling, explain how to achieve what exam boards require, teach them revision and exam techniques and much more.


Your child will find these skills invaluable across other their subjects in their mainstream schools too.


If your child has not already completed our pre-requisites, they will need to attend an assessment lesson to ensure they have the required skill sets to get the maximum benefit from this course.


The syllabus is designed to be studied over two academic years, allowing your child time to understand and master the content. It is suited for children aged 11+ years and those with very active schedules and limited time available.



The benefits of taking GCSEs early


The benefits to taking a GCSE early include:

  1. Able pupils can get a GCSE out of the way earlier, letting them focus on a wider range of subjects overall.
  2. It also helps to prepare them better for what study will be needed with their school GCSEs.
  3. Kids can also start preparing for the A Level earlier than students normally would too.
  4. The effective study skills that your child will learn can be applied across all subjects.


Why computer science and coding are important


Coding is an important skill, even for children who have aspirations on different careers other than computing. Coding can help kids to learn how to:

  • Build confidence.
  • Improve rational and logical thinking.
  • Improve creativity and writing skills.
  • Improve soft skills.
  • Help with future career prospects.


You can learn about what all these involve in our guide to how coding is an essential skill for the future.


The bottom line is, our world runs on code, and it is only going to get more important.


Therefore, in a rapidly changing and digitized world, coding is an important skill for the future, and not necessarily because your child might end up working as a programmer. Coding offers transferrable disciplines that help kids to learn relevant and competitive skills whilst developing a problem-solving mindset from an early age.


However, education systems in the UK are slow to adapt, meaning not all kids are getting the grounding they need in coding which could help them to achieve their full potential.


By taking a computer science GCSE early with FunTech, your child can not only get ahead at school, but also prepare themselves for an exciting future.


The FunTech tech lessons take place after school hours during term time, and are all currently running as virtual classes with dedicated tutors.




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