The 5 Best Kid-Friendly Minecraft YouTubers

Minecraft was released in 2011 and since then has gone on to be one of the most popular video games of all time. Part of the Minecraft culture is around YouTube. Kids will want to watch the latest videos from the gamer influencers on YouTube who record walk-throughs and tutorials on how to play the game.

However, given it’s a game that both adults and children can play, parents may be concerned about the videos their young children are exposed to on YouTube when searching for Minecraft content.

It’s a valid concern, and one that at FunTech we also take seriously. When kids take part in our virtual Minecraft courses and holiday clubs, we will have a module on Internet safety.

But if it’s advice you need right now, we’ve listed five of the best kid-friendly Minecraft YouTubers that your children should be able to watch without any concerns. Please note, it goes without saying, but you should also do your own due diligence and checks.

Some of the best bid-friendly Minecraft YouTubers

1. Paul Soares Jr.

Paul has children of his own so he knows the importance of sharing kid-friendly content on YouTube. This kid-friendly YouTuber offers Minecraft tutorials to youngsters without exposing them to strong language or sensitive content. He has a friendly and helpful tone that will help your child in playing Minecraft.

Soares’ YouTube Minecraft channel is for kids who are new to the game. While he’s playing Minecraft, Paul shows his audience how to work with tools and how to navigate through various maps.

If you’re interested in watching some of Paul’s content before your child, the best video to view is “How to Survive and Thrive”.

2. Minecraft Universe

Behind this kid-friendly Minecraft YouTube channel is a gamer named Jason Pobst. He offers a wide range of content that is jam-packed with adventure. He also offers original electronic songs that you can download off of his channel.

Most importantly Jason’s channel is clean with no strong language and he only aims to show his audience exciting mini-games and maps. Jason often plays games against other Minecraft players in a group called Team Crafted. Since he plays Minecraft against other players it may show your children how they can play against other players through the game.

The Minecraft Universe is a YouTube channel that’s suited for all ages. There’s plenty of fun and exciting content that kids will love.

Search for the Minecraft Universe’s YouTube channel and watch “5 Things that Make Minecraft Better”. By watching some videos from the channel you can determine for yourself whether the videos are suitable for your children to watch.

3. Little Lizard Gaming

The Little Lizard Gaming is a Minecraft channel that is hosted by two brothers named Scott and Ryan Fitzsimons. This is one of the most popular kid-friendly Minecraft channels on YouTube that offers tutorials, walk-throughs and even mods.

These two brothers are quite comical so the YouTube content is bound to keep your little ones entertained. The YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers which simply goes to show how popular it is.

The channel states that the content is 100% kid friendly so it’s suitable for children of all ages. Even adults find the channel entertaining so you can watch videos with your children.

To get an idea of what the Little Lizard Gaming channel is all about watch their video called “How to Become a Power Ranger”.

4. Stampy Cat / Stampylonghead

This kid-friendly YouTube channel is hosted by Stampy Cat and is voiced by Joseph Garret. It’s a lighthearted YouTube channel that’s aimed at younger audiences. There are plenty of Minecraft tutorials and he features other kid friendly games that your children will enjoy playing.

Stampy Cat has over 10 million subscribers and it’s easy to see why. There are plenty of story mode Minecraft videos and exciting maps that Stampy Cat plays on. This channel will keep your children entertained for hours.

The YouTube channel is 100% kid friendly so it’s ideal for children of all ages. Adults may also find the videos entertaining to watch.

If you want to see whether Stampylonghead’s content is suitable for your children you can watch videos called “Minecraft – Space Den or Minecraft – Trail Blazers”.

5. Phineas Rage

Phineas Rage has a main series called Minecraft for Kids so this YouTube channel is ideal for your children to watch. There’s no strong language or sensitive content shown in the videos. On the channel, you’ll get to see the gamer playing against other Minecraft players and tutorials on how to play the game.

The YouTube channel shows family-friendly Minecraft content that’s suitable for kids of all ages. Adults may enjoy the action-packed videos too.

Watch “Minecraft for Kids – How to Make Your First Base” and “Minecraft Crazy Mobs Mod” to find out if the channel shows kid friendly content.

FunTech’s Minecraft courses

If you have a child who loves Minecraft, please do consider our Minecraft courses.

Minecraft Engineering (ages 9 to 12)

Redstone is Minecraft’s equivalent of electricity.  We start by teaching how to use this energy to create the different logic gates. Your child will then learn how these logic gates can be combined to create different circuits and complex electronic items such as calculators, elevators and more.

They’ll use all the skills they learn to design and build an amazing adventure course full of challenges, surprises and puzzles that players must navigate through!

Minecraft with Mods (ages 7 to 10)

This creative and fun Minecraft camp is packed full of learning, experimentation, problem solving and creativity. Once your child has mastered the secrets of Minecraft such as brewing potions and conquering the Nether – they will learn how to Mod a variety of different items that will take their Minecraft skills way beyond the basics.




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