What was the First Roblox Game?

What Was the First Game on Roblox?

Rocket Arena was the first game on Roblox. A few years ago, the game’s name was updated to “Classic: Rocket Arena” to reflect its historical significance as being the first ever game.

The Rocket Arena game was initially released January 2006 and was available to play for the next nine years. It’s fair to say that it has served as the inspiration for many other games in the fighting game genre.

Sadly, it became unplayable in 2015 due to a software update and Roblox removed it officially in 2017. 

More about Rocket Arena on Roblox

Rocket Arena was a free-for-all fighting game where players engaged in battles with rockets and jets. The game’s objective was to be the last player standing while avoiding obstacles and hazards – falling into lava being one such danger! One of the more unique features was being able to blow up bridges to gain an advantage over an opponent.

Could you create the next Rocket Arena?

There’s no doubt what a historical impact this game made. Roblox now has millions of users, many of whom create their own games using the platform.

But have you ever tried?

Or perhaps you have tried, and become stuck?

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