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Python for 11 Year Olds: Term Time or Holiday Clubs

There are many programming languages to choose for kids who want to start coding. Some coding languages are easier to use and others. With very young children, we recommend they start with visual block coding applications, and then as they get older, they can progress onto more advanced coding languages. 

Python is a great choice for older children. FunTech offers both term-time courses and holiday clubs in the Python language, and it’s ideal for 11 year olds. 

Python courses and classes for 11 year olds

Our term time classes are all held online over the course of a year. The course is made up of 50 minutes a week online learning. For more information please visit our Coding Academies page and scroll down to view the PureCoder series. 

During the summer holidays we have two different Python courses to choose from. There’s Python Coderand Python OOP, both suitable for 11 year olds. 

There are other programming languages that require a more advanced approach, but Python has a relatively easy to read syntax meaning 11 year old kids can read the code easily if given the correct guidance.

However, if you’re still not sure whether Python is the right coding language for your 11 year old to learn then let us explain more. Below we’ll explain what Python coding is and why it’s much more suitable for your 11-year-old to learn compared to other computer programming languages.

What is Python coding?

Python is a general-purpose computer language. This means that, unlike JavaScript, HTML and CSS Python can be used for other types of computer programming and software besides web building. You can use Python to develop the following:

  • Software
  • Desktop apps
  • Back-end and server-side web and mobile app development
  • Performing mathematical computation
  • Processing large data
  • Writing system scripts which is the process of telling your computer how to operate

The reason why Python is easier to learn for kids is down to how the syntax (language) is structured. It actually mimics the human language, so it makes much more sense to beginner code learners such as 11 year olds.

Why should your 11-year-old learn Python coding?

If you’re teaching a 11-year-old how to code, Python is the perfect language for them to learn. Young programmers will learn the fundamentals of coding from “Hello World” so they can start creating games with the Pygame toolkit.

One of the top benefits of Python is that it’s easily accessible and doesn’t come at a high cost for parents. And you don’t have to have a degree in programming to understand how to work or teach Python to your children.

Therefore, if your child doesn’t understand something about Python you can help them along the way.

Another advantage of Python is that it offers your children plenty of opportunities for their future because it’s still seen as one of the best coding languages to get started with.

What’s more, Python is recognised as the fastest computer language and is still in high demand. If you want your 11-year-old to have a future in programming, then Python could be a great option to start with.

What is Python used for it the real world?

Python coding is the digital language of choice in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science. After your children have developed their Python coding skills, they can potentially create the following:

  • Automation: By using Python programming users can create automated tasks. With this coding program, it doesn’t take a lot of tasks to create automation. You can create programs to test software tools automatically to generate detailed reports.
  • Web development: The biggest and fastest-growing industry currently is web development. Python can be used to create these sites and is the preferred programming choice because of its extensive libraries and frameworks.
  • Artificial intelligence: Python is an interpreted language that can be recognised by computers so it’s the ideal language when developing machine learning software.

In conclusion, Python is relatively simple for children as young as 11 years old to understand and get started in coding. 

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