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Online Game Design Courses for Kids

FunTech is one of the UK’s leading providers for online game design courses for kids. Our courses offer a unique opportunity for young people to learn valuable skills but at the same time, having fun. 

Our online game design courses will your child develop important skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity. Through designing and building their own games, they can exercise their minds and learn how to solve complex problems. In the modern digital age, it is so important for kids to have a basic understanding of programming and coding, and online game design courses help with this.

Our courses help to:

  • Foster creativity and innovation
  • Teach problem-solving skills
  • Introduce programming concepts
  • Promote digital literacy
  • Encourages teamwork and collaboration

The FunTech online game design courses

Roblox Game Designer for kids 7 to 10

In this online game design class, your child will unleash their creativity when developing games using the popular Roblox platform. Kids learn how to build an Obby adventure game, as we teach them to design in Roblox, sculpt terrains, create GUI elements and much more.

Minecraft Game Coder for kids 9 to 12

Coding within Minecraft is one of our most popular online courses that kids can take, and it’s not hard to understand why. Kids love Minecraft, and by leveraging your child’s enthusiasm, these online lessons course will teach them how to code. They will develop logical and critical thinking skills as they learn fundamental coding constructs such as variables, conditional statements, loops, functions and so much more. 

3D Game Design for kids 10 to 14

Kids will learn essential 3D game programming concepts with the end result being them developing a seriously impressive multi-platform video game. These online lessons are packed full of structured learning, practical exercises and computer projects guaranteed to capture the imagination and unleash creativity.

Python Game Coder for kids 12 to 16

This online game design course takes coding to the next level and has been designed for children who already have some coding experience and are looking to progress more advanced skills. Kids will learn the power of object-oriented programming (OOP) and apply these skills to create an impressive collection of interactive 2D game projects to take home.

Unity Game Coder for kids 11 to 16

During this course, your child will explore the popular game engine Unity, using the C# programming language to create exciting interactive games. As well as learning fundamental scripting techniques, they’ll see how these are applied in the ever-growing industry of game development, equipping them with the skills to create a diverse selection of 2D games.

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