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Half Term Coding Camp: Virtual Fun in a Safe Environment

As half-term fast approaches, you might be stuck for ideas on how keep your children entertained and occupied. The FunTech online half terms coding camps could be just the solution and it’s not too late to sign up. 

Our week-long half-term coding camps are conducted online using our Virtual Lab, meaning kids all over the UK can take part regardless of where they live. 

With the half term break presenting a great opportunity for kids to learn how to do new and fun challenges first hand, it’s a fantastic way to get their skills up whilst keeping them busy learning impressive digital skills.

By using our innovative digital platforms and led by a subject-specialist tutor, by the end of the week, they could have created their own video gamedeveloped their own programming code, or even created an artificial intelligence Chatbot.

Here’s a selection of our half term coding camps, the full list is here.

Why choose a FunTech half term coding camp?

Our half term coding clubs offer a fantastic opportunity for kids to learn coding skills in a fun and engaging way, but more importantly in a safe environment. Here are a few reasons why parents choose our half term coding camps. 

1. Helps to develop problem-solving skills

Coding is all about problem-solving. When kids learn to code they go through a process of breaking down complex problems into smaller and more manageable parts. This is a valuable skill that can be applied to other areas of life.

2. Encourages creativity

Coding is also a creative process that helps kids to bring their ideas to life. By learning to code, children can create games, animations, and even websites. This kind of creative expression can help boost a child’s confidence and self-esteem.

3. Prepares kids for a future career

In today’s digital age, coding is becoming an increasingly important skill. By learning to code, children are better equipped to navigate the digital world and to succeed in the jobs of the future. By attending a half term coding camp and club, your child can get a head start in developing these skills.

How it works

With over 25 years teaching experience, we know being able to see every student’s screen is crucial to delivering a successful lesson. It lets our tutors to respond immediately if a kid needs support, give them a nudge if their attention wanders or set your child new tasks if they’ve finished ahead of others.

With FunTech Virtual, our tutors have a continual view of student’s screens.

On the other hand, a one-way broadcast session is a lesson that gets delivered in real time to your child’s computer with options to stream a video of their tutor, voice communication and a messaging facility. Whilst this is a good way to present concepts, it doesn’t allow a tutor to view every child’s screen concurrently.

That’s why so many parents re-book with us every half term, as they know their child is receiving the best possible online tuition, but without it feeling like a school lesson.

It’s fun.

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