13 Game Ideas for Scratch

13 Game Ideas for Scratch

Scratch is a brilliant way for kids to be introduced to coding. It uses a block-based coding approach which makes learning programming concepts much easier for beginners. If you, or your child know want to now progress more, here are 13 game ideas for Scratch.

1. Create a platformer game in Scratch where you control your character needs to get through different levels of difficulty to reach the end goal.

2. Create a puzzle game in Scratch where you need to complete a sequence of actions correctly to progress to the next level.

3. Create a farm simulator in Scratch where you look after animals and grow crops successfully.

4. Create cooking game in Scratch where the player must follow a recipe correctly to complete different dishes.

5. Create an educational game in Scratch where the idea is you answer questions and solve problems in topics including maths, science, geography, and history.

6. Create a virtual pet game in Scratch where you must feed, pet, play with, and look after the cat or dog. 

7. Create a space invader game in Scratch where you need to destroy different enemies as the progress down the screen towards you.

8. Create a city simulator game in Scratch where you build your own metropolis, then need to successfully manage it, a bit a like a mayor, or council would. 

9. Create a music game in Scratch where you play different instruments, with the aim being to your complete own tunes.

10. Create a world cup football game in Scratch where you choose a team then compete against computer teams to win the trophy.

11. Create a maze game in Scratch where you must navigate a path to the end, but at the same time avoid baddies and obstacles. 

12. Create a dodging snake game in Scratch where your snake moves around the screen collecting coins but avoiding traps at the same time. 

13. Create a pong game in Scratch where you need to stop the ball from coming off the screen by bouncing it back with your flat paddle. 

Tutorials for all the Scratch game ideas above can be found on YouTube. 

Did you know that FunTech also offers Scratch courses that can be taken virtually or in-person as a summer camp.  

Beginners will find Scratch easy to learn since it is use visual elements and simplified drag and drop functionality.

The course has been created specifically for kids with the primary purpose of giving them an early exposure to understanding the basics of coding and programming. They could also have the opportunity to develop one of these game ideas for Scratch shown above.

Despite the simplicity of Scratch, it is good for learning programming and lets kids create projects that have a relatively high level of complexity as they learn more and more.

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