Holiday Summer Camps for Kids Maidenhead

Our lives as parents are pretty busy these days, what with juggling work and social commitments, as well as trying to keep running the home. So few of us can honestly say we look forward to the long summer break, which can mean trying to find activities for the children. This is why FunTech originally created holiday summer camps for kids, Maidenhead.

The last thing any parent wants to see is their offspring marking time each day during the holidays. And that usually means hours in bed, or time in front of the latest gaming device, or their smartphones.

Recent research has indicated that children who have a long summer break without any external simulation run the risk of actually going backwards in terms of their education. Of regressing through lack of some form of structure in the long lay-off.

At the very worst, your child approaches the autumn with apprehension, because it was so long since they had to get out of bed, get to school and concentrate during lessons.

With holiday summer camps for kids Maidenhead, we combine advanced teaching techniques from some of the best teachers, with a warm and friendly environment, to create the perfect place to once again enjoy being taught.

We know that teaching is not about learning things by rote, but engaging into what's being said and demonstrated. As most of our children say, if only school was like that!

Check out our unique approach now.


Other holiday summer camps often follow our lead when it comes to dovetailing the latest technology with superb teaching in a stimulating environment. FunTech does have one of the best reputations in this sector, and for good reason.

And this is why the BBC said the words, when talking about FunTech: "having a solid reputation for both using the latest technology and innovative teaching techniques"

That is our approach in a nutshell. We take what's best in technology and mix in some of the country's best teachers, to create a truly rewarding experience for the children and which also benefits the parents.

If you like the sound of our approach, the give us a call now to learn more.





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One hour parking outside FunTech. Two hour free parking at Waitrose Maidenhead. Full day at Hines Meadow Car Park (SL6 8QZ) for £5.

Lunchtime Activities

FunTech arranges supervised lunch time activities in the park if the weather is good.



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3D Modelling & Printing   BOOK       BOOK      
Drone Coder             BOOK    
FunTyper Touch Typing   LAST 2 BOOK       BOOK    
Java Coder Level 1         BOOK   BOOK    
Java Coder Level 2   BOOK           BOOK  
Java Coder Level 3                 BOOK
Lego Robotics Level 1   BOOK BOOK BOOK          
Lego Robotics Level 2 BOOK   BOOK BOOK          
Minecraft Redstone           BOOK     BOOK
Minecraft with Mods     BOOK   BOOK     BOOK  
Mobile Games BOOK           BOOK    
Python Coder       BOOK         BOOK
Scratch BOOK         BOOK     BOOK
Unreal Game Design BOOK       BOOK     BOOK  

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We’re sorry, there are no residential camps scheduled for Maidenhead.

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Nearest Residential Camps to Maidenhead are:

  • Tonbridge: Distance 65 miles
  • Ellesmere: Distance 163 miles
FunTech arranges supervised lunch time activities in the park if the weather is good.