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Our Summer Tech Camp is held at Tonbridge School in Tonbridge. Campers at this location will have the choice of 18 different tech courses that will enrich their imaginations – and leave them proud of their achievements and wanting more – from Roblox Game Maker to Java Coder, 3D Modelling & Printing to Python Game Developer.

About this location

Tonbridge School sits on an exclusive 150 acre site, it’s a truly stunning location with a world-wide reputation. Our camps run from 9.00am to 5.00pm, during each day your child will be engaged in fun learning environment with technology subject special tutors. At lunchtime, your child will be taken to the School playground for group activities such as football or capture the flag. In bad weather, they can relax in the communal areas and chat with friends or play board games.

“This summer camp is amazing because it is fun and educational. Although this is a game, you will learn about how computers think and everything is basically computerised these days.”
Hiro, age 12. Minecraft Electronics camp. August 2018.

Please see below a full list of camps in Tonbridge.

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