2D Game Design

Learn how to design a 2D game

Our 2D Game Design camp is great introduction to game design for kids. We use hands-on exercises and projects to teach your child the skills and techniques required to design and build an interactive game. They'll get an introduction to core coding concepts and learn how to export and publish their game on the web. At the end of the week, your child will take home their game and will be able to use their new skills to create more games. 

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About this camp

This camp builds the game design process from the ground up. Your child will begin by understanding the principles of a successful 2D game, such as user experience, display area, and more.

Through a series of fun, game-based exercises, they’ll learn to use event-based programming to animate, control, and position their objects. Their code will consider a broad range of events and outcomes. What should an object do if it collides with a wall? The code has the answer!

Additional concepts covered include game logic, digital media creation, creative asset management, programming concepts, and user interaction. Once they’ve mastered all that, they’ll design and build their own game. Finally, they’ll export it and come home with a finished product that everyone can play!


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  • What to bring?
    Pack lunch (nut-free)
  • Screen breaks?
    15 minutes (morning & afternoon)
  • Lunch break?
    90 minutes
  • Parent viewing?
    Fri at 16.00

Tech camp in action

What your child will learn

  • Construct 2 
  • Creating Sprites (Sprite Sizes, Transparency, Collision Polygons) 
  • Creating Animations (Frames-Per-Second, Looping) 
  • Objects (Assigning Sprites, Placement in Levels, Instancing) 
  • Event-Based Programming (Events, Actions) 
  • Branching (If-Statements, Else-Statements)
  • Iteration (For-Loops) 
  • Families (inheritance)
  • Exporting Games as Web Apps

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