3D Modelling & Printing

Bring to life your child’s creative imagination 

Applying industry standard techniques, from 3D extrusions to 3D digital sculpting, your child will transform a simple geometric cube into a model created from their imagination. Along the way they will learn tips, techniques, and associated best practices for 3D Modelling. *There will be a 3D printer on site for all students to experiment and experience the process of 3D printing.  

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About this camp

Your child will learn the techniques required to transform a digital cube into a wireframed modelled. To add flesh to their models they will apply the tricks, tips and techniques of digital sculpting followed by using modifiers to apply advanced effects such as mirroring, arrays, deformations and Boolean intersections.

To render their models, they will learn to use lights and cameras. Once completed, they will learn how to render their model into a ‘print ready state’, and how to avoid the numerous 3D printing pitfalls involved in this process by making experimental printing other objects using our 3D printer.

Please note: This camp requires patience, thought and dedication for the intricate work.

Blender is 3D Modelling software that commercially used, with a full 3D pipeline that is used for prototyping and production ready pieces.

FREE TO DOWNLOAD so your child can progress at home after the camp.

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  • What to bring?
    Pack lunch (nut-free)
  • Screen breaks?
    15 minutes (morning & afternoon)
  • Lunch break?
    90 minutes
  • Parent viewing?
    Fri at 16.00

Tech camp in action

What your child will learn


  • Blender
  • Managing workspace and files
  • 3D Modelling Techniques (Digital Sculpting, Extrusion, Reference Images)
  • 3D Printing (Model Preparation, Exporting, Printing)
  • 3D Model Composition (Vertices, Edges, Faces, Quads)
  • Rendering (Cameras, Materials, Lighting)
  • Advanced Tools (Modifiers, Curves, Text)

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