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St. Albans

St. Albans School
Abbey Gateway
St. Albans




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7 - 11
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3D Modelling & Printing   BOOK    
FunTyper Touch Typing   BOOK    
Java Coder Level 1     BOOK  
Java Coder Level 2       BOOK
Lego Robotics Level 1     BOOK  
Lego Robotics Level 2     BOOK  
Minecraft Redstone       BOOK
Minecraft with Mods       BOOK
Mobile Games   BOOK    
Python Coder BOOK      
Scratch BOOK      
Unreal Game Design BOOK      

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If you would like to see this camp run in your area please let us know and we shall look into running this camp.


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We’re sorry, there are no residential camps scheduled for St. Albans.

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