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Summer FunTyper Children's Typing Course

16th January, 2017

Does our Summer FunTyper Children’s Typing Course interest your child? Whatever the age of your child, if they are committed and hungry to learn more about the latest technology, they can go far in any one of our tech courses. Our Summer Camps are designed to keep your child engaged and learning even after their schooling term has ended for the Summer.

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Tech Holiday Camps for 2017

09th January, 2017

Does your child want to learn new tech skills alongside their schooling or even during the Summer holidays? Here at FunTech, we stand for advanced and dynamic learning for children between the ages of 6-18 years. We're widely known for our ability to teach computer, technology and coding skills at our main tech academies in Maidenhead and Hampstead, but our Summer tech camps 2017 could be near you.

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GCSE Computer and ICT Courses

02nd January, 2017

When your child wishes to pursue a career in computing, then their early learning and experience will be pivotal to their future. For GCSE Computer and ICT courses, look no further than our range of tech courses here at FunTech.

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Fun Typing Children's Course

26th December, 2016

Being a child has many benefits – it’s the time to learn and adapt yourself to life. As you grow up, the situations you’re involved in will mould you as a person, and that is why we offer innovative tech courses to ensure children across the globe are keeping in line with the high expectations of the future; especially within the tech world.

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Excel Courses for Children in Maidenhead

12th December, 2016

If your child is an individual who embraces technology, easily understands it and can even use various technological devices, then it is imperative that you ensure they develop their skill with expert tech courses.

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Tech Camps of 2017, Coming Soon!

05th December, 2016

As a parent, it’s understandable that you want the best for your children; especially when it comes to their education. For a head start for your children's education look no further than our wide selection of term time and summer holiday tech courses here at FunTech.

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Children's Typing Courses

28th November, 2016

If you want to give your child the upper hand in their educational journey, then one of the best ways to do so is to allow them to familiarise themselves with technology. Here at FunTech, our aim is to encourage the growth of our future generations with our range of tech courses for children and teenagers

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Fun Typing Children's Course in Maidenhead

21st November, 2016

Would your child benefit from a tech term time course alongside their day to day education? Here at FunTech, we believe that technological knowledge is paramount and will be relied upon as time goes on.

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Head Start for Children's Education

14th November, 2016

Are you wondering how you can get a head start for your children’s education? By allowing them to learn something new, you can open up their minds to become more accustomed to learning.

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GCSE Computer and ICT Courses

11th November, 2016

If your child has shown a passion for technology and computers, then it’s vital to encourage them by finding reliable and professional GCSE computer and ICT courses for them to attend.

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