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Lego NXT Summer Camps for Kids

Robotz - Lego NXT Summer Camps for Kids
All ages
5 Days, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Parents invited to 'MAX Out Races' - Fri: 4:30pm

Camp Description

Mission 1: Initial Training

Master the coding, motors and sensors required to control a robot.

Mission 2: Build a Bot

Build and modify your robot to achieve the best combination of speed, agility and intelligence.

Mission 3: Challenge Zone

Your robot has to successfully complete the Challenge Zone, which includes Zero Collision, Patrol Bot and many more challenges. Once completed you will be awarded your PASS STATUS for Mission 4.

Mission 4: Mission Impossible

Your robot will compete with all other PASS STATUS robots in the Bomb Disposal, Speed Zone and Anti-Collision missions. Before each mission, you will be given PIT TIME, where you can change the robots design and code to improve its performance

Mission 5: MAX OUT – Robot Races

Prepare for the MAX Out grand finale! During your PIT TIME you will need to make sure your robot is finely tuned to be able to get through the challenging obstacle course in the fastest time...

Upcoming Summer Camps for Robotz

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Not available in your area? If you would like to see this camp run in your area please Let us know and we shall look into running this camp.

Upcoming Residential Camps for Robotz

Sorry, there are no upcoming courses featuring this camp.

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