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Robotics Camps for Kids & Teens

Robotics - Lego Engineering ...a trailblazer
Daytime Fee: £545 (incl) for 5 Days Daytime Duration: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm
Residential Fee: £1275 (incl) for 6 Days Residential Duration: Sun, 5pm - Fri, 5pm
Age:* 7 - 10 Parent Invitation: 'MAX Out Races' - Fri: 4:00pm
Pre-requisite(s): None

Lego Engineering ...a trailblazer

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Calling all Robot Controllers

All youngsters kick off by mastering the code required to control the motors using a variety of sensors. Next you’ll build your very own robot, shooting for the best combination of speed, agility and intelligence. We then spend the remainder of the week competing in a series of fun challenges in the Challenge Zone, with PIT TIME before each challenge for any tweaks and touches. On the last day the finalist robots compete in the always popular MAX Out races which ends with everyone's favourite - Robot Wars! Parents welcome to come show support.



It’s time to build your robot! Learn how all the sensors and components work. Then you can learn and practice basic movements: backwards, forwards, left and right.


Learn more about using sensors to influence your robot’s behaviour and movement. Use the robot to output audio, images and text and then bring those together with the sensors to make your robot come to life! You’ll also start making intelligent programs for the robots.


Learn the theory behind the movements and start coding. You’ll cover concurrent program execution, looping logic and branching logic. Discover how to use variables and random numbers to influence your programs and use mathematical operations on variables and sensors. You’ll create more advanced programs by reading raw sensor data and re-use pieces of code multiple times.


You’ll consolidate all the concepts you learned so far and tackle creative problem solving. You’ll start making advanced and sensible programs. We’ll introduce you to our maze challenge and you’ll have the opportunity to customise your robot to make it stand out from the crowd and get a competitive edge for the end of week challenges.


Bring everything you learned this week together and test your robot against the rest. Your chance to solve the end of week maze challenge and take part in our ever-popular Robot wars. Will your robot be fast enough, agile enough and smart enough to emerge victorious?

Daytime camps are for 5 days, Monday to Friday (visit daily), and they combine an immersive learning environment and exciting leisure activities and are sure to ignite young imaginations.

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13 September, 2016

best camp

this camp was the best camp ever. i couldn't beleve how much I learnt.

26 August, 2016

Great week! Impressive robotics!

Thank you to everyone at Funtech, especially William, for the fantastic week our son had with you this week. He couldn't wait to get to camp every day and had ideas and plans running around in his head in the evenings. We were so impressed by the programming he learnt and the confidence in tech th


26 August, 2016

lego robotics

my son had a fantastic time this week - I was not sure how he would take to the camp as in the past he has only attended sports camps but he was excited to go in every day and is already planning his next tech camp

25 August, 2016


This is A very fun camp . I made a lego robot turn left and right and lots of other things .i would give it 10/10. THIS WAS AMAZING WEEK .

25 August, 2016

alex,s funtech reveiw

so i think funtech is a very good place to learn how to build robots and program computers . it is like a ict school .

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