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3D Digital Modelling & Animation Summer Camps for Kids

3D Digital Modelling & Animation - 3D Digital Modelling & Animation Summer Camps for Kids
5 Days, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Parents invited to 'Meet The Character' - Fri: 4:30pm

Camp Description

Zone 1: Induction

To start with, you’ll learn the basics of character animation such as rigging and FK & IK (Forward and Inverse Kinematics).

Zone 2: Digital Sculpting

These more advanced tools and techniques include digital clay sculpting; custom brushes and texturing.

Zone 3: Character Depth

Now it’s time to look at physics such as gravity and collision, as well as the textures that will really bring your character to life.

Zone 4: Rig, Animate & Render

By now, your character is ready for animation! You can play with lighting and camera angles too to find its best - or worst - side.

Zone 5: Finishing Touches

The final stage! You’ll apply all special effects, render still images and animations and upload your work online.

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Not available in your area? If you would like to see this camp run in your area please Let us know and we shall look into running this camp.

Upcoming Residential Camps for 3D Digital Modelling & Animation

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