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Game Pro Summer Camps for Kids

Game Pro - Game Pro Summer Camps for Kids
C# Coder
5 Days, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm

Parents invited to 'Online Experience' - Fri: 4:30pm

Camp Description

Part 1: Introduction

This is the first step in creating an online game. You’ll learn about orientation, object manipulation for 2D & 3D spaces and how to create terrains such as islands and mountains.

Part 2: Add Detail Part

Now it’s time to add some detail. Once you’ve set up your camera angles, you’ll start working on character motion, animation and design. You’ll get to choose the colour of your characters’ eyes, hair and even they have features such as moles!

Part 3: Learn to Spawn

On to the mechanics. You can choose from an array of shooting options such as bullets, lasers and fireballs, before setting up spawn points and other gameplay essentials.

Part 4: Boom! Boom! Tidy-up!

Boom! Here you’ll design the explosions and effects that will make your game look and sound fantastic. You’ll also get the chance to tidy up your code so everything runs as smoothly as possible.

Part 5: Special Effects

Last but not least, you’ll get to add in backgrounds effets such as rain and scrolling clouds. When everything is looking polished, it’s time to compile and play!

Upcoming Summer Camps for Game Pro

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