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Game Pro Summer Camps for Kids

Game Pro - Coding for Virtual Reality...
Daytime Fee: £575 (incl) for 5 Days Daytime Duration: Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm
Residential Fee: £1095 (incl) for 6 Days Residential Duration: Sun, 5pm - Fri, 7pm
Age:* n/a Parent Invite: 'Virtual Reality' - Fri: 4:30pm
Pre-requisite(s): Java Coder

Coding for Virtual Reality...

Want to create your own virtual reality game? In this course you’ll start by learning what Oculus Rift is and how it works, including product demos. Next you’ll discover how to create and manipulate objects in Unity using basic geometry, how to light a scene and how to add basic Oculus support. On Day 3 you’ll learn all about prefabs and textures and how to add key mechanics to the game to make it playable. On Day 4 you’ll integrate more Oculus Rift elements, such as a user interface and main menus: the basis of UI Design. To finish off the course on Day 5 you’ll use everything you’ve learnt to polish your own games and start playing!

Day 1: Goal

Look at the Oculus Rift and Unity! The students will get a basic understanding of Unity and what it is. They will also look at the Oculus Rift and what it does! Some Oculus Rift demos will be shown to the students so they can get to grips with how it works.

Day 2: Goal

Look at creating and manipulating objects in Unity. They will create a basic area with some basic geometry (such as cuboids) in it. To finish off, the students will look at lighting a scene, and add basic Oculus support!

Day 3: Goal

Look at prefabs and textures. The students will learn what a prefab is and why they are made, which includes making their own prefab. They will also look at textures, how they work, and how to apply them to objects in Unity. Finally, students will add some key mechanics to their game to make it playable!

Day 4: Goal

The students will start integrating more Oculus Rift elements, like a user interface which tracks head motion, and main menus!

Day 5: Goal

To finish off the course, students will polish their game however they see fit! They will be given a list of optional additions which they can work on, or they can think of their own things to add to their game. This day is all about using everything they’ve learnt over the past few days to make their games great!

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28 August, 2015


My son really enjoyed his week, put his programming skills into practice and most importantly had fun!!

Jason Hoare
28 August, 2015

This is amazing!!!

Game Pro was really fun, if just a little disorientating. Mike was a good teacher, as he waited for us to catch up before moving on, and we managed to get really far ahead of where we were supposed to be.

Ajay Patel
28 August, 2015


Having been to many Funtech summer camps I can honestly say that this is the best one. The tutor (Mike) was extremely helpful and we completed everything well ahead of schedule which meant there was extra time to spend on the games we made and just having some fun. The course was highly enjoyable,


14 August, 2015


The course was both great fun and gave me a good understanding of Unity3d.

Lucy Rumble
14 August, 2015

GamePro Camp

I enjoyed this camp a lot and would definitely recommend this GamePro course! Although there were some problems with Unity upon occasion, this would be expected when using more advanced equipment and coding and the tutor was very helpful.

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