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Funtyper Summer Camps for Kids

FunTyper Essentials - Funtyper Summer Camps for Kids
All ages
1 Day (Saturday)

Parents invited to 'Dashing Digits' - Sat: 4:30pm

Camp Description

What is the optimum age for my child to attend?

The younger the better, as no bad habits have formed. The only thing that you need to check for is the hand span – the index finger should be on the ‘J’ key and the little finger should be able to stretch to the ‘Enter’ key. With older children who hunt and peck type, we first rectify these habits, then begin the FunTyper programme.

Why learn to Touch Type ?

Touch Typing allows more productive use of time spent on a computer, giving your child more free time.

Why FunTyper?

FunTyper delivers hi-tech Touch Typing to your children by capturing their imagination and competitive nature, making sure they don’t waste time hunting and pecking at the keyboard.

Correct methodology - Objectives

  • understanding RSI
  • what is muscle memory?
  • correct body posture
  • learn finger placement

Correct keys - Objectives

  • remove incorrect method
  • teach correct method
  • make sure all keys correctly typed

Correct post practice - Objectives

  • explain FunTyper Online
  • how often and when to play
  • review with parents

Upcoming Camps for FunTyper Essentials

Sorry, there are no upcoming courses featuring this camp.

Not available in your area? If you would like to see this camp run in your area please Let us know and we shall look into running this camp.

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